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Hail to Kale ~ Saludo a col Rizada

In addition to growing good nutritious food in their garden, many Harrington Elementary School students are growing their language skills. While visiting the garden, ELD (English Language Development) students draw pictures of the vegetables and write two sentences in their Plant Journal.  When the students return to class, the sentences and art are shared. 

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We have all been in the line of fire. Somehow, we end up on the wrong side of a sneeze, cough, or wheeze. Somehow we end up having to shake hands with the ill colleague or sitting next to the mom with running-nose child. We are nearing the end of flu and cold season, which is considered October through May, with its peak in February in the United States. That’s a nice long time to be able to contract whatever your coworkers or kids have.

Bad oxygen?

Okay, so it is understood that fruits such as, blueberries and apples contain something called antioxidants, and antioxidants are full of all of this good stuff that keeps you healthy and makes your skin glow. So, what are antioxidants and where can we get them?

To understand antioxidants we need adopt the mentality, “in moderation.” Even some of the best things for you can be harmful if used in excess, including oxygen. Who knew you could get too much air! Let’s deconstruct the word - ‘anti’ means against and ‘oxidant,’ oxidation.

Who does not remember Flinstone's vitamins?

These days there are vitamins marketed to children, men, women, seniors, fitness junkies, health nuts, and even your beloved furry friends, but are they necessary? Most experts agree. It is usually unnecessary to take vitamin supplements if you are eating a balanced diet packed with a full range of nutrients, with fruits and vegetables at the forefront. There are 13 essential vitamins our bodies require, and almost all of them can be received through a produce rich diet.

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